Is this card replacing the Love Local Life card?

Yes, the card has been relaunched as the Love Local Card to be more accessible to the greater community of Sevenoaks.

Do I have to be a mum to be able to buy the card?

No! Anyone can buy the card and the card offers great value savings for all of the community. Our focus is on working with retailers and businesses that offer products and services for the entire community and so anyone can benefit from the Love Local Card.

Do I have to live in central Sevenoaks to be able to buy the card?

No! Anyone can buy the card and the card offers great value savings for all of the community. Our focus is on working with retailers and businesses that offer products and services for the entire community and so anyone can benefit from the Love Local Card.

What exactly is the Love Local Card?

The Love Local Card is a type of loyalty card that gives you access to discounts and special offers with over 160 local partners: retailers, cafes, restaurants and businesses in the Sevenoaks area. After you have purchased the card, you just need to present it at the local businesses to claim your discount. Offers may change, so please do check our website to make sure you know what the latest promotions are.

Love Local Card is an annual membership card. Once signed up with us, your membership will automatically renew from the date on your card.

How to sign-up for an annual membership subscription?

You will need to have a PayPal account linked to your debit/credit card to set-up a recurring subscription with us. If you already have a PayPal account, you can set it up during the sign-up process with Love Local card which then takes you to PayPal.com to complete the account setting-up steps. If you have any problems – let me know at Alison@Lovelocalcard.com.

You can cancel the subscription any time, please see the terms and conditions.

I don’t want to sign-up for a recurring subscription, can I buy the card as a one-off purchase?

Yes – please email me on Alison@lovelocalcard.com.

What kind of offers do you have?

The Love Local Card gives you access to a wide variety of discounts, deals and special promotions. Many of the participating partnes offer a between 10% – 50% discount off full priced goods. Such deals

typically don’t work in conjunction with any other promotions so you cannot get the Love Local Card discount on top of sales items. Some retailers offer special one-off offers during holidays or various seasons, whilst other retailers have special discounts during less busy times of their operation. Love Local Card is committed to provide you with more offers and discounts throughout the year and we will work hard to secure these for you.

Can I let members of my family or my friends use my card?

The Love Local Card is personal and non-transferrable.

How soon can I receive my card?

You will gain instant membership via email shortly followed by your physical membership card (within 30 days)

When does the card expire?

Your membership will renew annually unless you opt to cancel it.

What happens if I lose my card?

If you lose or misplace your card, please email me (Alison@lovelocalcard.com. There is a £5 fee to cover the cost of the replacement. Your replacement card will have the same expiry as your original card.

How much can I save with the Love Local Card?

It is very much up to you how much you can save. If you are a frequent user and take advantage of the numerous promotions the participating retailers offer, you can save hundreds of pounds every year. A lot of our customers say the card paid for itself with one use.

I would like to suggest a retailer/business to add to the list, what should I do?

Fantastic, we would love to hear from you! Please email me at Alison@lovelocalcard.com with the details. It would be especially helpful if you can make an introduction to the business via email and include me in the copy so we can follow up immediately.

I would like to get your card as a present, can you ship it directly to my friend/family?

Yes. Please email me at Alison@lovelocalcard.com to arrange.

Can you do express delivery?

Yes – please get in touch if you need a card urgently and we will see what we can do – Alison@lovelocalcard.com

Can I buy the card somewhere offline rather than on the website?

Yes, please contact me at Alison@lovelocalcard.com

Is your website secure to accept my debit/credit card or PayPal payment?

Love Local Card website does not actually handle any payments. These are done through secure and PCI compliant payment gateways, either Stripe or PayPal. Once you fill in our order form you are then redirected to the PayPal site to make your payment.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payments and money transfer solution. PayPal is owned by eBay and is the largest and most established online payments solution globally. Once you submit your order for the Love Local Card, you will redirected to the PayPal payment page where you can either pay with your debit or credit card or you can pay by simply entering your the email connected to your PayPal details and pay with your email. Millions of e-commerce websites use PayPal as its payment solution.

I’ve ordered my card a while ago but still have not received it, what shall I do?

We are really sorry to hear about this! Please email me your details, when you ordered the card and how you made the payment. We will try to resolve it as a priority.

Please note that it may take up to 30 days for physical membership card to arrive but you should receive immediate membership via email. Unfortunately Love Local Cards occasionally go missing in the post but will be replaced immediately.

I am a local business, how can I start offering discounts or special promotions to the Love Local Card members? Fantastic! I would be very excited to hear from you. Have a look at our page for partners here. It is free to become a Love Local Card partners. Partnering with Love Local Card will give you the following:

* Your own business listing page.

* Love Local Card branding to use digitally and in premise window.

* Feature in an upcoming newsletter with circulation c.5000.

* Announcement of partnership via social media

* Weekly promotion in Sevenoaks Mums Network (you must meet group guidelines to join) https://www.facebook.com/groups/156472927735827/

* Partner card rate, all cards for those working at your business are available with 50% discount.

I am a business, how can I advertise with you?

Love Local Card is a great way to advertise your business digitally to a highly targeted audience of over 5000 members.  You can download our media pack here.