The Rainy Day Box Co


Apparently, my mum never let it rain. Or, if it did, I didn’t notice. I was either outside playing… because it wasn’t raining. Or inside playing… and far too engrossed to be bothered by the weather outside.

So… Hello, I’m Aly, mummy of two bouncy boys and founder of the Rainy Day Box.

And, now it’s my turn to create magic.

As a mum, all I have ever wanted for my sons is that they have a wonderful childhood full of imagination and exploration, where we build crazy inventions and creations together… just like I did when I was a little girl.

The idea for our rainy day box happened the winter when my eldest son, Kit, was 3 years old. I made him an entertainment box inspired by my childhood and filled with wonderful treasures to explore on our rainy indoor days. At the time, like most 3-year-olds, Kit was a budding chef, artist, scientist, explorer. In fact, just a whirlwind of wide-eyed curiosity.

So the contents of this first rainy day box included cooking mixes, arts and craft activities, board games, books, stickers, a whole hodgepodge of different things to match his ever changing mind.

From that first box and the time spent together on all the activities, I have the most wonderful memories. And they are still ongoing. Even the burnt cakes are something I cherish and won’t ever forget… and neither will Kit.

And so, wanting all mums to have the same sorts of wonderful memories, I created the Rainy Day Box. I hope with a Rainy Day Box we can make your rainy indoor days a little easier, great fun and truly exciting for you. Where rainy days become days you look forward to… and remember forever.

Things might get a bit messy, gooey or sticky but your little ones will love it and, if they love it, so will you.