Longacre Day Nursery


As part of the Longacre Nursery group, our nurseries are homely and creative and children learn spontaneously within a happy, loving and secure environment designed to meet their changing needs. We are very proud of our staff who are known for their dedication and commitment to each and every child that comes through our doors. They are professional, friendly and caring, giving support to both the children and their parents.

Working within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, our philosophy is based on a combination of Montessori education principles and the importance of outdoor play. Our environments are special places which provide plenty of opportunities to explore and discover, encouraging children to learn through their senses and by discovery, promoting self-confidence and independence, whilst learning to work and play companionably with others.

*10% off first 3 months plus no registration fee (currently £30) Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.