Jo Jingles

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Jo Jingles is the leading music, singing and movement experience in the UK with

more than 700 centres around the UK, Ireland and now in Australia! We have great fun making music, singing and moving about in our classes which are aimed at babies from 3mths – walking, toddlers and pre-schoolers too.

Jo Jingles is currently in Sevenoaks on Tuesday mornings but is elsewhere in West Kent throughout the week.

Jo Jingles classes are carefully structured and we often introduce fun educational themes i.e. colours, shapes, numbers, animals using well-known nursery rhymes and action songs.

Children get to have hands-on” experience with at least two percussion instruments each week.

And they get to join in with ‘little Jo’ who is always ready with the actions. He also knows over 1000 songs, some familiar and others that are unique to Jo Jingles.

*10% discount for a full price term of classes and a Jo Doll as a gift for any parties booked with the LoveLocal card.