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Looking for the secret to a good birth is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You know it exists, because other people have found it, but HOW?

What did THEY do that made it all ok?

I know. You read the posts, articles and memes. You listen to the birth stories (the horrors and the joys). You scroll through Insta and see the rock star births and the breathe and be calm mamas and, somehow, it just adds to the confusion.

I know you’re looking for The Answer, the kernel of truth that will unlock the mysteries of birth for you, and reveal to you How To Do Birth So That It’s OK (or even good!)
So what IS it that makes the difference?

The difference is YOU.

There’s no simple answer to birth – no magic bullet that guarantees a ‘Perfect Birth’. You already have everything you need. The only thing you need to add is some birth specific knowledge and the confidence to use it.

You are quite capable of understanding how birth works

You’re sensible enough to understand contingency plans

You’re bright & brave enough to understand the risks & opportunities and make informed decisions about what to do next.

You’re ready to challenge the preconceptions & make this what you want & need it to be.

I’m Charlie, your Guide to a Good Birth experience. I’m a doula and hypnobirthing practitioner. I know that the way we birth now IS complicated and it IS unpredictable.

My courses combine the brilliant techniques & skills from The Calm Birth School with super pragmatic information, insights & considerations which you can use to prepare for your birth – however it happens.

Charlie is offering a 10% discount off her Group & Private classes.

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