The Parenting Chapter

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The UK’s first comprehensive online and face-to-face postnatal course provider. Aimed at first-time and second-time parents to be and right now, as well as grandparents. We cover every postnatal hurdle you will likely encounter, from late pregnancy through to the world of toddlers up to the age of 5. We present the full picture of parenting in an honest light, reduce the amount of time spent Googling at 3:00am and talk to mums and dads equally as parents. We cover the main hurdles, as well as hurdles that aren’t so well publicised, including: pregnancy and postnatal mental health in men and women; adoption; allergies; and take the approach that fed is best – whether that’s breastfeeding or bottle feeding your children. Our mantra is whatever works, works when it comes to parenting.


Use the code Whateverworks20 do get 20% off online courses!

*Use the code Whateverworks20 to get 20% off online courses