Marie Reynolds London Ltd

10% Bespoke Beauty Therapy*

Marie Reynolds has studied Beauty Therapy, Homeopathy ,Genetics and Counselling. She has lectured Worldwide in Skin Care, Treatments, Nutrition and Advanced Consulting.

Her experience in Oriental Diagnosis, bespoke facials and advanced holistic well being therapies has brought much attention from leading Beauty Editors & Celebrities.

A frequent contributor to consumer and trade magazines, Marie’s fascination with the workings of the human body has resulted in her writing three books. She practices at Fortnum and Masons London as ‘Guest Therapist’ and the rest of the time is spent at the Aesthetic Clinic

You can follow Marie for beauty tips on Twitter – @marie_reynolds, which will also point towards articles on her Blog, a collection of spurts of enlightenment ranging from skincare, treatments, techniques and random thoughts.

Marie has also created her collection of Luxury Aromawax Treatment Candles that have been featured in blogs and magazines.