Love Your Sleep

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I am a mum of three (including twins) and sleep consultant, with over twenty years’ experience working with children and families. I have had great success in supporting mums, dads and other carers to look at what they can do from birth to support good sleeping patterns. I’m passionate about the need for children to be given the tools to sleep well from a very early age. My approach is to work with you to ensure that any changes made are gentle and nurturing for your child and fit with your child’s temperament and personality and your sleep preference, whether that is to sleep independently or co-sleep.

Most busy, tired parents don’t want to read endless emails, newsletters and articles. Nor do many want a night nanny in their home who their babies do not know. I provide quick, focused, convenient, personalised telephone advice that will help equip parents to make the changes themselves.

Joanna Hogan B.Ed.Hons Early Years, M.B.A. NNSC Qualified Sleep Consultant.

Internationally accredited training programme for Sleep Consultants 2011 – 2013.

Active member of the International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.