Carolyn Atkins Movement Coach

One week of free online classes for July and October*

With over 20 years in the fitness, Pilates and Yoga field, I truly believe that health and
wellbeing should be accessible for all. Whether you are juggling the family’s needs or trying to find a work life balance, your health and fitness will be crucial to your future.

I offer one to one tailored programs specifically to meet your goals, Pilates and Yoga classes that will suit your needs as well as dedicated Nutritional Coaching.
I am qualified as a Personal Trainer, but have also completed Pilates for menopause,
pregnancy, back care, pelvic floor health & disfunction and Reformer courses, completed a
Neuro-Linguistic Programme, have a level 3 Diploma in Yoga and attained a Level 3
Nutrition Diploma, including Weight Management and Sports Nutrition.
My most recent qualifications centre on the specific health needs of the peri to post-
menopausal years. Based on this, I run my Menopause 360 6-week course throughout the

Since the start of the pandemic all classes have been on zoom, with a range of pilates, yoga,
senior pilates and bootcamp to suit everyone.
My online classes have provided a sanctuary for myself and my clients, continuing to move
well, connect with one another and stay safe.
I am offering one week of free online classes for July and September.